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Stamina: il Trading Robot che lavora per te,

Stamina: il Trading Robot che lavora per te,

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Stamina Expert Advisor è stato ampiamente testato su vari Conti Reali, risultando tuttora attivo sugli stessi.

Those carried out on Real Accounts are in fact a particular type of Test called "STRESS TEST": this means that the Trading Robot has been voluntarily engaged in borderline and high risk situations, for the sole purpose of testing its RESISTANCE to adversity.

Examples of Stress Tests carried out are the known events of BREXIT and, currently, the world crisis caused by CORONAVIRUS: with a pinch of pride we can declare that, following these EXTREME Tests, none of the Real Accounts have shown signs of slowing down, confirming that Stamina is the best Expert Advisor for Algorithmic Trading on the market.

In particolare, un Conto di Trading attivo da febbraio 2019 evidenzia a giugno 2020 un profitto del 92%, mentre un secondo Conto attivato a marzo 2020 si trova attualmente in profitto del 27%: 4 mesi difficili per tutti, ma NON per Stamina, che continua a performare in maniera eccezionale.

Real performances show the strengths of our Expert Advisor: stability and security, even in extreme market situations.

Stamina is transparent and fear no comparison!
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