Do you want to improve and automate your Trading results?

Stamina is the definitive solution.

Stamina Expert AdvisorĀ® is an innovative Software for Automatic Trading created and guaranteed by aItalian Company at the highest levels of the sector.

The Trading Robot is installed on the Mt4 platform of your Trading Account and, thanks to a combination of exclusive Algorithms, allows you to operate effectively,
and in high automation, on all currency pairs of the Forex market.


Trust Stamina's Automatic Trading

and dedicate your time to the things you love

Choose Stamina and discover the advantages

of Automatic Trading

Monitoring of Markets 24 hours a day
Extraordinary computing power of Algorithmic Intelligence
Minimization of time spent in front of the PC
More free time to devote to the activities you prefer
No emotional involvement in trading decisions
Application of the systematic strategy on different tools


The Software

Stamina: the Forex Robot that automates your Online Trading!

Stamina Expert Advisor® è il Software di Trading Automatico, 100% Italiano, che migliora e automatizza il tuo Trading Online. Il nostro Expert Advisor analizza infatti l?andamento del mercato e sviluppa diverse strategie di Trading, bilanciando costantemente rischio ed esposizione.

For everyone

Thanks to the 2 available modes, Automatic and Interactive, Stamina Expert AdvisorĀ® is suitable for both experienced traders and those with less time available.


Stamina has a very sophisticated double protection system that allows it to predict and reduce possible drawdowns, without exposing the Trading account to unnecessary risks.


Our Robot allows you to invest in the Forex market through 6 different strategies, accurately verified over time.


The Stamina parameters are completely settable by the user, who can thus fully customize his own strategy, Money Management and risk/return profile.

Total assistance

The subscription fee includes a technical assistance service that no one else is able to offer: a dedicated Consultant will assist you for the entire duration of the service.

Storico Certificato

Stamina Expert Advisor® è probabilmente l?unico Trading System in Europa a poter dimostrare uno storico di utilizzo che supera i 3 anni: chi può offrire altrettanto?

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Historical Tests

Stamina Expert AdvisorĀ® has undergone rigorous tests, which have confirmed its enormous potential.

The tests carried out made it possible to better optimize the algorithms implemented in the programming code:
le User reviews speak for us and attest to the quality of the work done.

Test Storico GBP USD

Clicca sull’immagine per visionare i risultati

Historical test GBP/USD
Period 2016-2019
Initial deposit: 2000 EURO
Final capital: 6118 EURO

N.B.: past performance is not a guarantee of future results, as per Disclaimer.

Live results


Giorni di attività su conto Reale al 31/10/2022


Tests performed

Stamina Expert Advisor® è uno dei pochissimi Trading System al Mondo in grado di fornire Risultati Certificati su Conto Reale con oltre 4 ANNI di storico ininterrotto.

From the real performances it is clear what are the strengths of our Expert Advisor: a programming
stable and effective, even in extreme market situations.

N.B.: past performance is not a guarantee of future results, as per Disclaimer.

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