What is Stamina Expert Advisor?

Stamina is an Expert Advisor capable of automating investments in the Forex markets through a sophisticated Algorithmic Trading system: in simple terms, a Trading Robot that carries out an activity of Automatic Trading, investing in the markets in high automation.

How does Stamina Expert Advisor work?

Through sophisticated indicators, Stamina is able to identify the dominant trend on the market: at this point the complex algorithms come into play that allow the Trading System to operate automatically, implementing various strategies implemented in the programming code and customizable by the user. The final result is an extremely complete Automatic Trading software, capable of evaluating the market and consequently opening, managing and closing Trades according to different trading strategies, in compliance with the settings provided by the user.

Is Stamina a Broker or a Trading platform?

No. Stamina is a software that is installed on the MT4 platform of your Trading Broker: we will never ask users for any deposit or payment of money.

Is Stamina a CopyTrading or asset management service?

No. Stamina is an Algorithmic Trading software whose parameters are completely customizable by the user, who can decide independently the strategy to be used, the methods of entering the market and everything related to money management and the risk / return ratio. always remaining in full control of your trading account.

Do I have to deposit my money with your company?

Absolutely no. Ours is an IT company and deals only with the programming and marketing of Stamina Expert AdvisorĀ®, a software that you can install on your trusted Trading Broker.

Who created Stamina Expert Advisor?

Stamina is created and distributed by a completely Italian computer programming company, thanks to the collaboration between specialized programmers, financial market analysts and algorithmic trading strategists. Click here per conoscere il Responsabile del Team di Progettazione.

Is using Stamina very complicated?

No: the Trading Robot is suitable for Traders who have little time available as well as for more experienced ones.
For every technical need, each user will have a dedicated Consultant who will follow him step by step for the entire duration of the subscription.

What do I need to use Stamina?

Simple: a PC and an Internet connection. It is however advisable to rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to allow the Robot to work H24 without having to keep your PC turned on. If you have never rented a VPS before, we will assist you and help you do it in minutes.

With which Broker can I use Stamina?

Stamina Expert Advisor works perfectly with all types of Broker that offers the Metatrader 4 platform: the Trading Robot is programmed to work without problems with the leverage imposed by the ESMA Regulation.

Which profit can I expect by using Stamina?

The Trading Robot is a tool that can be freely used by the Trader, who can independently decide all the parameters relating to strategy, Money Management and the management of the risk / return profile: for this reason, it is impossible to talk about a priori returns. Stamina is however an Expert Advisor for MT4 which has demonstrated, in the course of numerous Stress Tests, enormous qualities of stability and effectiveness in the long term, as can be seen from the section Live results.

Contact us and you will be called back by one of our Consultants who will be able to show you further Historical Tests and different current Reports of the use of Stamina on Real Accounts.

What is the minimum capital required to start trading with Stamina?

To have the right safety margins and guarantee the full operation of the Trading Robot, it is advisable to start with a minimum capital of 1000 euros.

Where can I read the opinions of Stamina users?

Stamina Expert AdvisorĀ® has been reviewed by Milano Finanza and by many users. For the sake of transparency we have decided to collect the opinions of users on our Facebook page. Clicca QUI to read the reviews released or Clicca QUI to read the Milano Finanza Review.

I have no experience with automated Trading and I don't know what to do: what assistance will I be provided?

Technical assistance is the flagship of our service: each user has a dedicated Consultant who assists him in all phases.the installation,, with pre-set telephone checks and if necessary remote assistance interventions. The assistance is free and guaranteed for the entire duration of the subscription.

How will I control Stamina's work?

Stamina works for you, but you can control and direct its work at any time: with a click you can activate and deactivate it, or close open positions at any time and prevent the opening of new trades. The user always has full control of his Trading Account, especially since all the parameters of the software are completely editable.

Is there any risk to using Stamina?

Online Trading is a risky business and we invite you to always be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise! In any case, the goal of Stamina Expert Advisor is to pursue responsible and sustainable trading in the long term: the Design Team works tirelessly to ensure ever greater levels of safety and stability. See the Disclaimer on the site for more information.
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